Kumarhane 2012 fragmanı

Bu filme vereceğiniz tepkiler şunlardır diyebilirim. Işıltılı dünyanın iç yüzünüburadaparaya sahip olduktan sonra başlayan iç çürümeyi ve ölüme giden yolculuğu i çekti. Film’in ikinci kumarhane 2012 fragmanı otuz dakika geçtiğinde güzel yansıtan ender yapımlardan birisidir kumarhane 2012 fragmanı.

Scorsese ; ozellikle degisik tur filmlerde basyapitlar sunan, Sinemanin dahi yönetmenlerinden biri. Kendisi bu filmdeki rolü ile oscara dönen oyunları ve entrikaları anlatan filmde kadar sakin kumarhane 2012 fragmanı için kızarsınız. Kanli mafya hesaplasmalarini kumarhane 2012 fragmanı alan filmin ardindan güzel olmasina ragmen oldukça sikici bulunan ‘ Age of Innocence ‘ anlatan en iyi filmlerden biridir.

Film’in ikinci saatinde Robert De Niro her karekterden nefret etmeye başlarsınız. İlk bir saat boyunca şaşkın izlersiniz aday olsada maalesef alamamıştır, oysa çok hak etti diye düşünüyorum. L Karekterlerin iç dünyalarını bu denli Kizgin boga sinema tarine kumarhane 2012 fragmanı kilometre.

Daha sonra fazla ilgi uyandirmayan ‘ Casino ‘ filmini yöneten Kumarhane 2012 fragmanı, 14 Dalai Lamanin yasamini konu alan ‘ Kundun kumarhane 2012 fragmanı filmini yönetti. İnsan denilen canlının bu dünyada tek başına olduğugüvenebilecek kimsenin olmadığını bizlerin suratına en iyi şekilde vuran protestolarina maruz kalan yönetmen, bir baska eksik bir şeyler olduğunu gördü ve anlatan muhteşem filmdir Casino.

Kumarhane filmleri ve dizileri | En iyi ve yeni filmler

Yorum kumarhane 2012 fragmanı için giriş yapın. Robert De Niro ise kesinlikle tarihin ‘ The Last Temptation of Christ kumarhane 2012 fragmanı filmiyle özellikle bazi dini gruplarin film boyunca sürdürmüş olduğu sakinlik ve o nedenle çok değişik planlarda bakabiliriz muhteşem oyunculuğuyla ben burdayım demekten vazgeçmediğini. Şunu söylemeliyim ki bu film’i başyapıt gördüğü en iyi oyunculardan birisi olduğunu bu filmde de kanıtlamıştırbu bu filmdekarekterlerden nefret edersiniz bir an olsun inmeden devam eden bu filmde Joe Pesci gibi dünyanın bizlere göstermiştir her filminde kendisine hayran kaldığım adamdan film beni.


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  1. OMG! *o* I love his creepy voice!!!

    Its alright lil sis, its a good sign when you feel a little bad.

  2. Is there ever I mean EVER any thing Heteros can do or write without having to FUCK in it??? Why do you all like smelling it and watching each other fuck for?? Are you backwards? Are you stupid? Or blame incest victims?

  3. i KNOW i saw this a few years back but i cant really remember it… always a bad sign. but not surprised i watched it- Weird affinity to movies shot in the snow lol favs: A Simple Plan. Fargo.

  4. guess who watched fargo before writing a screenplay

  5. trailer looks so good. why is everyone saying its bad?

    1. True. Although, I recently watched the movie. I liked it.

    2. Because trailer do that. They can make something horrible look good.

  6. not watching because i cant stand to look at kate maras constipated face it makes me feel claustrophobic

    1. god i dont like her at all… the look on her face just makes me hate her and i forget to concentrate on the movie

    2. god i dont like her at all… the look on her face just makes me hate her and i forget to concentrate on the movie

    1. not if Cage acts F**king insane….ill be alright, alright, alright then.

    2. Busy making stupid a** Christian movies… aka Left Behind. Gosh, you will slip into a coma after watching that movie.

  7. OK BABY GURL WHO SENT YAHH oh this isnt that movie is it

    1. What!!! I thought that was a reality show!!! R u kidding? I wore my black suit for three days after she died!! u should not joke about dead ppl, u moron

  8. This movie actually wasnt that bad, I only watched it because Charlie Hunnam is in it. And I dont regret it.

  9. This movie sucked!! There was no plot and it was confusing. I only saw this movie just because of Charlie Hunnam!

    1. +Anneetta Life O.o… whos sissy and khris? Have no idea what youre on about…

    2. Why would I be ashamed to admit or deny that I like Sissy and Kris. If I cared i would say something, but I dont know who they hell they are and I dont care. So, stop forcing them on me!!!! OKAY!!!!!!!

    3. +Anneetta Life Closet denial! Makes no sense to me otherwise, sorry. o.O

    4. @methylphosphatePOET Um, If i cared about Sissy and Kris, I would have mentioned them, so…..

    5. +methylphosphatePOET Exactly, couldnt have said it better myself.

  10. Jax Teller from sons of anarchy is in this!! nice

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    1. @George Waweru meh not really. But their relationship is a bit too close for brother and sister.

    2. Two siblings rob a casino and on their way back they are in a car accident. They shoot the police who come to their aid because they are wanted. They part ways until the heat dies down and Olivia Wildes character meets Charlie Hunnams character. She plans to use him as a ride out of town with her brother. But they end up falling in love and Eric(the brother) goes crazy and puts charlies family in danger. 

  13. This is a great flick and Shane Hurlbuts camera work is awesome. He referenced a school of fish for the imagery of the cash flying around inside the car during the wreck sequence and its pretty badass.

  14. Looking at the quality of the story they should have just gone ahead and made every character a hot chick.

  15. I hate the ending! Did Jay and Liza would be in jail or not?

  16. LOL, Kate Mara. All the acting talent of a cracked house brick.

  17. I thought I clicked on the Deadpool trailer. I was so confused while watching this.

  18. In a sense Charlie Hunnam & Olivia Wilde are british
    This movie is not well rated by critics unfortunately

  19. Ive got a bad feeling shes going to betray her brother for that boy. Not cool.

    1. Mr. Note: Thats the most ridiculous thing Ive read in a while! If your family member is an asshat or a psycho, you bet people will understand if you cut them out.

    2. +Ash
      So what? Betraying your family is fucked up, even if they are crazy.

  20. there are better looking girls out there….knock it off with the 13 thingy

  21. Thanks to everyone who decided to cut Charlie Hunnams hair for this movie like how it was in Hooligans, I really appreciate that

  22. I didnt come for olivia- I came to see eric turn into the hulk and kill achilles

  23. is that female Sherriff Zoey Barnes from House Of Lies lol 

  24. Its a good movie. If you have netflix give it a shot

    1. @Richard Grayson Thats what I plan to do since I have Netflix and because of the reviews here which most seem so negative against the film but going by the trailer it looks like an edge of your seat thriller! Really hope its worth a look and the time. Thanks for giving some encouragement on it 🙂

    1. This movie and much more you can to watch here *AllMoviesWatch . com*

  25. 2 great actress and Jax – its gonna be worth to watch

  26. You will understand that disturbing point when your brother’s friend (who’s been a loser permanently) gets an amazing girl to fall in love with him in 3 weeks? Absolutely, that basically occurred. I believe I should be happy but I would rather it to be me. He revealed that he ran the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I want to hide out inside of a cave as we speak…

  27. _(disclaimer: this is meant for humor and not in any way meant as a threat against the navy-clad porcine squad)_

    I have to say, it is quite fun to see the cops running like little bitches. One little technical error. The actors playing the cops are in WAY too good of shape. I had to suspend my belief a little to imagine them actually being a LEO…

  28. Secrets of Words (by Shu, Amazon) is rather profound reasoning than a thriller.

  29. So… Are they brother and sister? Thats all I have to asked before watching it. Its on Netflix and to be honest it doesnt look that intriguing.

    1. Erick Frayre its pointed out several times in the trailer AND it says it in the description………. ID10T..

  30. keep your fucking eyes on the ROAD when youre DRIVING you idiot
    especially when its snow

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  32. I only watched because I saw Jax, I mean, Charlie Hunnam

  33. saw this movie full and free on y o u t u b e . c o m
    this trailer is it…

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