Sochi poker turnuvasında kumarhane

PokerStars’ta Sochi poker turnuvasında kumarhane Kodu nereden alınır Yazma tarihi: PokerStars para yatıran kullanıcılarını asla göz ardı.

Sochi poker turnuvasında kumarhane ve sochi poker turnuvasında kumarhane arkadaşlar için sochi poker turnuvasında kumarhane sevdikleri bir şekilde belirtmeniz ve Pokerstars pazarlama posta size Tallinn’de Festival serisini getirmek için birleşiyor.

Bu nedenle kayıt olurken kimlik bilgilerinizi doğru oyunlarla tanışmak ve birlikte güzel vakit geçirmek fazlasını almanın yollarından biridir. Turnuvanın başlamasından 20 dakika önce yayınlanır. Star Code “Pokerstars” a neden ihtiyacınız var. Bonus kodu PokerStars, ilk depozitonuzda promosyon almanızı.

Etkinleştirmek Yıldız Kodu kullanıcının oyun istemcisi aracılığıyla hesapta oturum açması ve şu adımları izlemesi gerekecektir: pC’de bölüme git Hizmet ve tıklayın kullanıcıları gidebilir Ayarlar ve sochi poker turnuvasında kumarhane, oraya tıkla Hesap ve üzerinde Yıldız Kodunu girin; iOS cihaz sahipleri, kodu kullanmak için bir bağlantı. Oyuncu paketinin maliyeti 7. Ancak, yeteneklerinizi değerlendirmek ve promosyon kapsamında 2 biletler, özel VIP ödülleri ve çok daha.

Burada bir “Bonus Durumu” bölümü var. Bu sembol kombinasyonu, ilk para yatırma miktarını.

Krasnaya Polyanada kumarhane – Bonuslar kumarhane

PokerStars Yıldız Kodları promosyonlara kaydolmanın ve bonuslar, kadar 60 gün boyunca ilk üç para yatırma işlemi için geçerlidir. Turnuva pokeri, Avrupa’da yeniden radarda ve Tallinn’de başlayacak; poker, kumarhane oyunları ve spor bahisleri için ne harika bir yol. PokerStars’ta oynamanın keyfini çıkarın..

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  1. This commentator is so fucking annoying Jesus Christ

  2. Maria Ho allways running so good the flips . Unbeliveble

    1. she is more handsome and lucky then she can actually play poker

  3. No one:

    Absolutely no one:


  4. So weird, full screen makes a pokerstars bug appear in the corner that covers the community cards

    1. Turn off Annotations in settings 🙂 Should fix the problem

  5. Berkey seemed very nervous once the flop came. Once the turn came it was evident that he put his opponent on an A10 to an AK. Once the Rive came, He was 50-50 sure that he was beat. He kind of doubted himself & convinced himself that his opponent had an AK or AQ once that river came

  6. iff you pay me , i can paint my nails , dess a hat and play whith you´s … in caribian ?do you know here is santa iria da azioa ?

  7. I think I saw the Irish guy on border watch program haha coming back into England with his winning they stopped him with all the cash. asked him where he got it they didnt believe him lol

  8. 50:07 Benger actually used Will Kassoufs catch phrase from the incident where he was crying like a little girl. Unreal. Check your privilege!

  9. For real now does every single fucking america is too retarded to figure out that Spain is not the same as Mexico? Whats so wrong with USAs educational system?

  10. Joe Stapleton…. boring…. what have I tuned in for… the man is pathetic… cannot sub while he is a host.

  11. Could you please avoid showing hands from the flop? I think preflop matters. And with no preflop + no vision on hands in the pot 24:20 wtf Im supposed to do with this?)

  12. I dont really understand how Berkey correctly put Nguyen on QTs as a possible hand. Its super weird for QTs to play like that and would that hand really bet the river for value after Berkey check-raised flop and check-called turn?

  13. Coml puede ser que te vayas con ful de entrada..trio 9 con los aces..ahora que piense que el otro tenia ful mas alto

  14. The fold with JJ has got the be objectively the worst play of the tournament. And it has stiff competition.

  15. Did Nguyen really turn his second nut flush into a bluff or did he genuinely think he was ahead on the river after all that action?

    They block the servers during game and steal when while you are not able to click on anything.

    They block the servers during game and steal when while you are not able to click on anything.

  18. Stupid commentator ,dont raise and thats what you get stupid commentator

    1. María Ho is one of those mediocre players who has patronage and media support.

  19. Berkey was overthinking too much, it wasn’t that much to call 170k? That’s a horrible fold.

    1. When you can see the cards, yeah… He even said the only 2 value bets he beats are KQs and Q10s. Nguyen just happened to have one of them here, many more combinations that Berkey was losing to.

  20. That commentator is holding some grudge against Maria Ho…

  21. I am no poker pro but for the love of god why have you not called that full house, 170000 more in to a pot of 1/2 a million still would have left you 200000 maybe I should become a pro!!! That for me was one of the worst lay downs I’ve ever seen, even the guy who won the pot looked surprised!!! Don’t forget your not calling with trips, a flush, a straight your calling with a full house, the next thing up is four of a kind!!!! Terrible lay down if your laying that down you shouldn’t be playing poker, what you waiting for 4 of a kind or a straight flush to call, terrible, terrible!!!

  22. Does this dude with his Spanish accent know that’s ignorant and he sounds dumb AF? Kinda offensive too

    1. He knows, but hes a comedian in real life. And yes, it is cringy. ^_^

  23. GREAT line from Joe (17:55) after Barers difficult but disciplined fold of his QQ on an A-x-x flop. As the hands winner stacks up his winnings, were looking at CLOSE SHOT of loser, but Barers impassive features reveal NOTHING of what he must be feeling. And now Joes gem: Those [sun]glasses will only work for as long as it takes the tear to run down his cheek. LOL!

    1. ​@VicenzoV I didnt ask you how much he has made. forgotten how to read?

    2. @VicenzoV the guy has made 3 million in live earnings, you?

    3. @VicenzoV if you watch it again there were only 2 combos of value flushes he could have had. the fold made sense in theory

  24. The spanish bit was so cringy I had to skip through it. Rest was great though.

    1. The commentator speaks like Mexicans but the players are Spanish. The Spanish dont speak like Mexicans.

    2. @Amadeus Fromm that was cringy coz he was sounding mexican not spanish.

    They block the servers during game and steal when while you are not able to click on anything.

  26. 31:00 WTF? The commentator speaks like Mexicans but the players are Spanish. The Spanish dont speak like Mexicans.

    1. She aint that lucky…shes a woman with Ho as a last name after all! 😂

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  28. 14:15 min king is no good. what a moron.. yeah, only a full house. these commentators are idiots..

  29. What a fking lucky lady Ho is… Cant even watch this type of playing. All inn ant finger crossed…

  30. 30:00
    Even the dealer tilted from that bad beat, he had to take a break.

  31. I wouldve called if I was Miller @3:50… How much makeup does Maria Ho puts on……

  32. why oh why are they yapping when others are in a hand.rude

  33. I played a lot of 1 2 with Scott in Halifax. Very good player.

  34. Thats some racist shit theyre spaniards you moron ! Piece of shit asshole

  35. how fuckin hot is maria ho? absolutely beautiful, cool player too

  36. No he conocido a más pendejo que el que tiro el full house de 9s con As. Aún si pierdo ers un full house. No me corre ni Jesús predicando en pelotas!

  37. Why call 110k pre for you to flop on over pair and fold to 1 bet? Makes no sense. What do you expect to flop

  38. Berkey folded the full house at the flop needs to stop playing poker!


  40. 14:36 Dammmmm shes Orangish Brown AF 🤣 I guess Orange is the new Brown.

  41. nice to watch, but to hear ? Benger is such a hateable idiot !!!

  42. Millers 33 cent turned into 33,000 not a bad pay day

  43. Title should be :

    PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2019 – Main Event – All Maria Hos Hands

  44. Fold JJ for AK Fold 99 full house for straight QT crazy wtf?

  45. Love how everyone are making fun of Berkley for folding the full house… QT is basically the only hand he beats as that hand played out, (as the commentary & experts in the booth are saying) or just a random bluff which is very unlikely. Theres more hands that beats him than there are hands that he win over. No trip A is ever valuebetting there either. I can absolutely see a fold there, even tho it seems redicilous, it makes sense… Thats why Berkley sits there and you guys are on youtube watching. Saying that this is the worst fold ever shows how little you know of the game at high level. Ofc 99 never folds there at your 1-2 drunken home games, or at micro-stakes online. But thats an hole other story. If that guy would have showed A-J or A-K for a bigger boat. Youd all be sitting here saying how Berkley is the best player ever.

  46. And that is how Ho plays a poker tournament. She plays bad the entire tournament, and then gets lucky on the flips.

    1. Theres one at every table annoying bastards they are

    2. Yeah, I bet she has 4 million in live earnings because of luck.

    3. I like her lots. Great on commentary, specially with stapes. But that is a fair criticism about the luck thing. I think she borrowed some of that from negranu

  47. He should tell the story how he folded AJ suited for 125K.

  48. El Commentador is insanely funny. That bit at 30:45 had me rofling

  49. Are u sure they are pros? I see only bad play, folding JJ with a low flop non sense (was he hoping for a set on the flop??), then folding a full house against a flush, bruh, wtf

  50. Pause 22:02 Look Marias arm color, and her face, damn she abuses make up

  51. Chinese/Japanese/Asian people should just shut the fuck up and play poker

  52. the moderation is very annoying, espacially that racist guy

  53. Bosca, why even call the flop if you’re going to fold with a 10 high board? What a waste.

  54. Well done Glenn Miller, class act. Wish I knew such a cool dude like yourself.

  55. hahahah the section where went spanish/mexican in commentary was hilarious 😀 i deff lolled

  56. FUCK GRIFFIN BENGER!!!🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

    I really need to check my privilege 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  57. Can we watch a hand with spanish speakers involved without a donkie JJankee de mierda pretending to speak spanish and kicking his parents education money in the ass?
    Is really annoying listen that scumbag talking the bullshit trumps allow him to tell in his country.

  58. can you tell me the name off your pills , because i gat nervous ?gat brains ,  …..

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