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  1. btw i seen a video of a end gun on a traveler (slow reverse) but not nelson, the feature it had was strange. Have you ever seen a gilmour pattern master impact sprinkler? you can actually set the distance flap to either push down which would decrease the distance of the stream, or to go back up to get more coverage. I had a few of these and they were so neat, You can actuaally set it to the pattern of your yard and not worry about watering stuff that doesnt need it, it was full or part circle. Well i seen a end gun just like that almost, during its operation, it looked normal, shooting a nice long stream to the whole field, but it was rather too close to a road, so when it got to that point, a distance flap came down in the stream and decreased the distance of the stream.after it passed that, it came back out and it was shooting to the end of the field again, it did this both in forward and reverse..

    1. The pump is capable of flowing up to 198 GPM of water, however the pressure is very minimal (<20 PSI) once the flow exceeds about 120 GPM. I normally tend to use a smaller nozzle in these large sprinklers to keep the flow low enough that it maintains around 45 PSI to properly atomize the stream. This pump is technically a 2-inch transfer pump made by Pacer Pumps, which I purchased at our local Tractor Supply store about 7 years ago.

    1. The links have been updated and should work now. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

  2. People in cali need these to protect house from wild forest fires it would be the only house left in the area.

  3. you know i remember way back in the day i was driving in/near michigan and a pivot was operating watering a cornfield, i looked for the end gun and it wasnt your typical nelson big gun, it was one of these! At that time i did not know some pivots used these…

  4. why do they stick a diffuser arm in the stream every so often? is it for more coverage?

    1. I think Bauer did make a part circle gun for their travelers that was set up like that, where it had a normal weighted arm to drive the sprinkler counter-clockwise and a fixed spoon lever to reverse it clockwise. They might even still make that style of gun too since I know at least one or two other European-based irrigation equipment manufacturers still do. I almost want to say that at least one of Rain Birds old PC guns worked like that too but it may just be like the old Nelson guns with the typical counter-clockwise reverse pattern. I wish Rain Bird still made their large Rain Guns since they were actually really well-built sprinklers. Thats still one type of gun sprinkler that I would love to find someday at a low enough price to afford it, though the one at the top of my want list would definitely be a Nelson SR-150 since its smallest available nozzle size is just small enough that I could still run it on my Pacer pump.

    2. ive seen a few videos of Rainbird Big guns.. Also i seen one that goes in reverse for the normal operation and then goes fast forward for its reverse cycle. That was weird. LOL

    3. +Christopher Ryan Yup, youre exactly right on that. The diffuser bar is moved in and out of the main stream by riding along the cam wheel driven off of the main worm drive for the gun. You can adjust the distance of the diffuser arms travel with a little brass thumb wheel, which is also the part that rides along that can wheel. It does really well filling in for itself using that diffuser rod system, much better close-in coverage than what most impact drive guns can do. Its one of the best high-volume sprinklers ice ever had before and requires little maintenance to keep it going without any issues.

  5. Thats a massive sprinkler. What are these usually used for? It sounds to me like they are used for farms

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